Do Marriages Ending in Divorce Ever End?

Some decisions made during the process of divorce leave me flabbergasted. What was once thought to be love can often disintegrate into a spectacle of vengeful behavior. This fight has lasted through the centuries — in the most spectacular example of Medea by Euripides, when Jason (of the Argonauts) leaves Medea to marry a younger woman Medea poisons the woman and her father as well as murders her two sons from her life with Jason. She loves her children, but at that moment Medea’s anger over Jason’s betrayal blinds her to that love.

Fortunately most other divorces disclose more petty practices, which these otherwise regular people resist correcting after decades of having moved on in their lives. For example, the parents of my friend Kris have been divorced for 40 years. The father used to collect Life magazines while it was published, and during the divorce Kris’s mother swiped about six months of the collection. Once this man died, Kris discovered the missing period and mentioned it to her mother, only to discover her mother had taken those weeks. Kris asked if she could get those back so that she and her sisters could sell the collection, but her mother refused. Both parents had since remarried, they had grandchildren and no need to worry about their children’s education. Each had been happy in their new lives and seemed to have come to terms with that period in their lives. Kris’s parents had even spent time together in favorable manners. The husband never noticed these magazines were missing!

I admit I lack the personal experience to understand these actions or the resoluteness in clinging to this past. The spouse does ensure he or she remains with the other figuratively if not literally. This behavior is not limited to women; I know men have behaved in such a manner as well. What emotion or thinking leads to this action?

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One Response to Do Marriages Ending in Divorce Ever End?

  1. Leda says:

    Denial that there is any emotion.

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