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Creative Passwords

In this technological age, we must create codes to identify ourselves. For our protection, not only do we need user ids or other account numbers, but we also need personal identification numbers (PINs) and passwords. Unfortunately, one aspect of this … Continue reading

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Crustless Quiche/Baked Frittata

In the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle (or to soothe the qualms of my family and doctor, depending on my mood) I’ve placed myself on a strict diet. This diet consists of about 5 to 7 meal replacements offered by … Continue reading

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Emotional Art Moments

In college, I improved my appreciation of art through three art classes and a music history course (in addition to all of the performance groups in which I played). I found I appreciated Fra Angelico, Duccio, Cimabue, Giotto, Ghirlandaio, Titian, … Continue reading

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