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Favorite Authors – Italo Calvino

In general I prefer authors who write satirical or straightforward pieces, i.e., I don’t need to concentrate on determining any symbolism, as well as older classical literature. I admit I gained what appreciation I have of modern authors (or whose … Continue reading

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Emotional Art Moments

In college, I improved my appreciation of art through three art classes and a music history course (in addition to all of the performance groups in which I played). I found I appreciated Fra Angelico, Duccio, Cimabue, Giotto, Ghirlandaio, Titian, … Continue reading

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Chinese Creation Myth

First, I may have to revise my opinion (a little, not entirely!) about Thoreau. However, I have confirmed the use of his writing as an effective insomnia cure once. The introduction also worked well. Now I shall spread my blogging … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Thoreau

I have to admit, I find Thoreau excruciating to read. I must start using his writings to assist me with my sleepless nights. When I start reading I ultimately scan the pages without absorbing anything. His writing proves him to … Continue reading

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